Celebrating 60 Years of Business

When Harold Marsh moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan in 1947 he had a dream to one day open a metal finishing company of his own.  After more than a decade of running facilities for others, that dream became a reality in 1959.  Harold, and a small group of investors, founded Marsh Plating Corporation in October of that year and began processing small volumes of zinc, cadmium, copper and phosphate coatings in two manually operated lines.  The company experienced tremendous success early on, growing nearly tenfold in the first few years.  Harold’s business philosophy was simple; meet the needs of your customer base while never losing track of the importance of providing the best possible quality and service at competitive prices.  These basic tenets have served the corporation well.  60 years later, Harold’s company has grown to become one of the largest metal finishing operations in the country with operations in the Midwest and Southeast United States servicing automotive, heavy truck, agriculture, military and general industrial markets.