• McGraw Hill Environmental Champions II Award Winners
  • EPA Metal Finishing 2000 Participant
  • EPA Strategic Goals Participant
  • ISO9002 Registered
  • QS-9000 Registered
  • GM Laboratory Accredited


It is Marsh Plating’s policy to consistently meet or exceed our customer’s requirements for quality, reliability and service, and to strive for continual improvement.


When Harold C. Marsh founded Marsh Plating Corporation over four decades ago, the company flourished based on the philosophy that it would strive to supply all the needs of it’s customer base, while never losing track of the importance of providing the best quality and service at competitive prices.

As the years have past, lines have been added, buildings have been expanded and personnel have come and gone, but Marsh Plating’s mission has remained the same.

We believe that the basic tenets outlined above, have served both our customers and our organization admirably, and are committed to their continued implementation.

Environmental Stewardship

Since 1973, when the U.S. Clean Water Act became law, and federal effluent-discharge standards were imposed on the metal-finishing industry, Marsh Plating Corp. has been actively engaged in developing innovative approaches to meet and exceed these standards. It has been our corporate goal to reduce discharges to water and air to levels substantially below those mandated by law.

Marsh Plating is committed to a program of continuous environmental improvement, which will assure that over the long term we will have no negative impact on our workers, our community or the environment. At the same time, we feel that through participation in programs such as the Common Sense Initiative, we will be able to promote innovative and environmentally safe programs that will help make these goals achievable.